Discussion board question, short response answers needed for each at a master level, if sources/site is used included reference.

1. Read the case study at the end of Chapter 3 of your text: Who’s The World’s Top Retailer? Walmart and Amazon Duke It Out. Analyze Walmart.com and Amazon.com using the competitive forces and value chain models. (two responses/answers needed) 

2. Hello Class this week we study both companies used the value chain model, Amazon used competitive advantage such as creating as well assustaining superior performance from Michael Porter’s book. Wal-Mart is the largest retailer all over the world; rivalry between the competitors is quite weak since the market is crowded. However, Wal-Mart’s competitive advantage consists of distribution capabilities, everyday low price (EDLP), partnership relationship with suppliers, advance data mining and workforce culture.(same case study)

3. How much can business intelligence and business analytics help companies refine their business strategies? (two responses/answers  needed)

4. Hello Class this week we take a look on how companies incorporate and manage information technology strategies. Traditional methods of gaining and maintaining a strategic competitive advantage for businesses are no longer as effective as in the past.  Chapter 3 of our text points out that a competitive strategic advantage can be gained by being the low-cost producer of a particular good/service, supplying a different and unique product/service that appeals to consumers, focusing on a particular niche in a given market, and developing and maintaining an intimate customer-supplier relationship.