University of Otago Operations Manager Reflection Report

Part 2: Reflection on the project (Individual 67.5 – 1,500 words excluding cover page, table of content, appendix and references) After you have completed the project, you are required to reflect on various aspects of the project as per the criteria listed in Table 2. Ensure that each aspect is covered and coded as per the code in Table 2. You may attach documents related to the project to support your reflections. Documents may include emails, memos, minutes of meetings, notes, diary entries, and others. TABLE 2 Code Criteria (student to tick all that apply) Marks N List the project management tools you have used (LO1c) 4 marks O Describe at least one challenge where you applied your analytical and problem-solving skills successfully to lead and 7 marks manage the project (LO1f). Describe the roles of the internal and external stakeholders. P Q Describe the strategies used for communicating with stakeholders (LO2a). Describe at least two limitations and challenges in your role as Project Manager (LO2a) Describe how you ensured that your behaviour as a leader and manager of the project was: R • • • Professional Ethical Socially and culturally appropriate (LO3a) 10 marks (5 marks for roles of internal and external stakeholders + 5 marks for strategies) 5 marks (2.5 marks per limitation and challenge) 4.5 marks (1.5 mark for each of the 3 areas – i. professional, ii. ethical and iii. Social and cultural) S Describe how you motivated and developed yourself and others (LO3b). T Describe how you developed, modelled and led an aspect of 3 marks the organisational culture (LO3c). 8 marks U Describe the strategies you used for managing the impact of 2 marks the external environment on the project (LO4a) V Describe how you took into consideration the three principles 2 marks of the Treaty of Waitangi. Also, describe the influence of the (0.5 marks for each three principles on the project principle + 0.5 Describe how you took into consideration Māori customs and mark for Māori customs and values) values when managing the project. (LO4b) W Describe how you complied with at least one internal or external compliance requirement during the course of managing the project (LO4c). 10 marks Assume the project were to be carried out in a global context. Analyse how the following factors would impact on the success of the project: X • • • Multicultural teams Understanding and use of project management knowledge areas in global projects Use of e-Technology to add value in global project leadership and management (LO4d) 12 marks