slideshow unit 3 overview

What do you still want to know about the Early Renaissance, High Renaissance, Northern Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, or Neoclassical periods in art history? What questions still remain unanswered about these periods for you? Write a response in your personal notes.

[5–10 mins] Review the following information about periods in art history covered during Unit 3. In your personal notes, write down some of the main points needed to best understand the period.

[10–15 mins] Review the following assigned periods in art history covered during Unit 3. Create a concise summary of the period including types of artworks made, for whom the artworks were made, subjects of the artworks, and specific examples to illustrate points or ideas. Also consider how each movement was influenced by previous eras or movements AND its influence on later movements. You can refer to other materials found on the internet or used in the Pages section of our class on Canvas about each period.

Early, High, and Late Renaissance