The assignment requires a cover letter in correct business format (refer to EWC workshop materials). The report follows the cover letter with your name, course and title. Start word count after the cover letter and before the References.

You are tasked by President Trusk, President of the European Council to investigate the current migration of refugees out of the Middle East, primarily Syria into the European Union.

You must write a standard business letter to the Council (you may choose your title and affiliation). You must report on the current refugee situation. Use headings to organize your report. Be sure to cover the following: why Syrians and other refugees are migrating to Europe, how they travel, what their immediate needs are and how the member states should handle the situation (think beyond the provision of food and supplies–view the bigger picture!). While this is a short paper, you will want to address the issues of political, economic and social issues as well as the civil and international conflicts faced by the refugees. What potential problems do you for the European nations allowing immigration of refugees? Your policy suggestions must be reasonable and something that could realistically be implemented. The paper is to be uploaded in the Assignments area. Minimum paper length is 1400 words not counting References. You must use at least one of the course readings and one outside scholarly source; the balance of your sources may come from BBC, HuffPost, CNN or other reliable news sources. Please follow the instructions for format and structure for assignments

The grade of A reflects excellence. The A paper offers a well-focused and organized analysis appropriate to the assignment, reflects critical use of relevant materials, and demonstrates effective and formal writing requirements. Research papers must demonstrate outstanding efforts to identify varied pertinent sources, to employ those materials critically in the text of the paper, and to provide error-free citations of those resources.

12 pt font (Times Roman preferred) double-spaced with one-inch margins
-On your paper, type your name, date, and the assignment topic at the top left
-Please number your pages
-Indicate word count on last page before References
-In-text citations using APA only
-Less than 10% of any assignment may consist of direct quotes and only when properly cited and referenced using APA style

-Please cite something from one of the attached documents also