reflection paper i need someone who is very keen on the instructions plagiarism free work is needed please ensure top notch work 1

Reflection paper,I need someone who is very keen on the instructions, plagiarism free work is needed. Please ensure top notch work

Attached is the rubric for the final reflection paper, it is three pages. One page per question. It is a reflection base on the course content. I have attached the course outline to help you see the learning outcomes.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I am a student from Toronto-Canada. I attached the course outline for you to see the course outcomes to connect what I have learned.

The course is NOT focused on teen and aboriginal issues rather than Canadian social policies overall. (All issues specifically the ones listed in the course outline)

“Check your privilege”: From a social policy perspective, how has your awareness of your own privilege, and perhaps biases, grown or adapted over the time of this course?

I do like the idea of talking about where I come from to make a point about being grateful for the things we have here in Canada Toronto vs Ecuador. Hence why makes me be more aware of my privileges now than other individuals. (Do not add anything about a green card or so on) With this, you can talk about cultural biases, what it means to be Latino and so on.

When writing the paper please try to answer in order the question the teacher had asked.

Again the lesson learnt from this course is an overall topic from the outline it not online from one of the assignments on teens and drugs.

What are your educated opinions of Canada’s or Ontario’s COVID-19 decisions (not just Toronto)? Keep in mind any of the social policy impacts made or advocated for.

When talking about the virus I will like to add on the following points that related to me. (As a social impact)

with all the decisions about work from home if you can. Some like me and my husband both are still required to complete work. This past Monday our oldest son started online classes which added more stress to help me complete his work. I have online courses etc.

Families struggling with working from home, while caring for their young children at the same time, also parents that have school work and how overall can affect the family dynamic. The amount of stress and anxiety, how bosses are being supporter toward their staff and how Faculty are being supported with their students? are they leading with humanity? are they being sensitive? try to put all this is a professional way.

What social policy would you like to know more about, and wh