reading reflection response

Book is Attached: Must Read: From Book: Into the Tempest by William I. Robinson: Ch.1 “Globalization, Nine These of Our Epoch”, Ch.2“Critical Globalization Studies,” Ch.3“The Transnational Capitalist Class,” and Ch.4 “The Nation State and the Transnational State”

Attached: “Why I Asked My Students to Put Their Laptops Away”

*5 Total Readings*

This reflection/response will include your name and a sub-heading for each reading. For each reading you will write one paragraph (you are welcome to write more if you wish), in which you will answer the following questions:

• What did you not understand or find new and challenging from the reading?

• What questions for class discussion did it raise?

• What did you find most useful in the reading?

• What new terms and concepts were contained in the reading?

Note that these reading questions/reflections should NOT be a summary of the readings. The purpose is: 1) that you demonstrate you have done the reading and given thought to it; 2) to identify what you did not understand and what you think is important to discuss in class, in relation to the course