read chapter 18 and answer the critical thinking exercises

Read Chapter 18 and Answer the Critical Thinking Exercises, questions 2 & 3 on pg. 816.Then do the Big Bank case on pg. 820. Use the format seen in the Sample_Case_Study_Analysis(1).doc

. Provide an introduction containing theoretical background of Waiting Times theory, empirical research of waiting time in application in the body, and a conclusion and include supporting peer reviewed journal articles.

In your case analysis, incorporate findings from other sources like well as in the online library within academic literature. You can find excellent scholarly articles to support your opinion in the online library’s LIRN ProQuest database. In graduate work these sources are extremely important to use!

Generally, these case study analyses will be between 6 pages long and APA formatted. Before you begin, please review the handouts on Case Study Analysis

expectations and evaluation