Public Health Literature Search parental attitudes and beliefs towards vaccinating their children in the United States, writing homework help

1 GCH 300 Introduction to Public Health Public Health Literature Search Assignment Objective: To demonstrate the ability to conduct a systematic literature search about a public health topic. Tasks: 1. Conduct an Advanced literature search about “parental attitudes and beliefs towards vaccinating their children in the United States” using MEDLINE. 2. Limit your search to Boolean Phrases which appear in the TI Title field. 3. Limit your search to articles published in the past 15 years (January 2000 to May 2017). 4. Limit your search to articles only published in English. 5. Save your search in your personalized EBSCO HOST account created for you for your future reference. 6. Print a copy of your EBSCO HOST search history. 7. Select 15 refereed data‐based research articles related to the topic. 8. Prepare an annotated bibliography of your 15 selected research articles according to the rules of APA Style® ( for reference citations. Your annotated bibliography must include at least two systematic review articles and at least 5 research articles from at least 5 different journals. What is an Annotated Bibliography? An annotated bibliography is a reference list of professional publications (i.e., journal articles, books, book chapters, etc.) that includes critical explanatory notes or comments. A good annotation is one that briefly summarizes each publication and weighs its value for the topic under consideration (Rampolla, 2001). In writing an entry, summarize what you read in your own words. The annotation should not merely reflect what is implied by the title or written in the abstract. Do not state the obvious. Avoid nonessential details. Annotations of research articles should report 1‐2 major findings and 1‐2 major recommendations. Your concluding sentence should reflect a synthesis of what you learned from reading the publication and your critical analysis of the text. Annotations tend to be 4 to 6 sentences in length. GMU / GCH 300 / Robert Weiler 2 Example Zullig KJ, Divin AL, Weiler RM, Haddox JD, Pealer LN (2015). Adolescent nonmedical use of prescription pain relievers, stimulants, and depressants, and suicide risk. Substance Use & Misuse, 50(3), 1678‐1689. DOI: 10.3109/10826084.2015.1027931 The nonmedical use of prescription drugs (NMUPD) ranks second to marijuana as the most prevalent drug problem is the U.S. This study explored the link between NMUPD and suicide risk among adolescents in grades 9‐12 enrolled five public high schools using data collected from a self‐report, cross‐sectional survey. Nearly 21% of participants reported lifetime NMUPD. Students who reported any type of NMUPD were between 1.7 and 2.3 times more likely to report suicidal ideation. Nonmedical use of depressants was associated with increased odds of suicide attempts for males and females. Adolescents may be inappropriately self‐medicating psychological distress by using prescription drugs. Format Requirements:  Type:  Margins:  Page #s:  Spacing:  Title page:  Component:  Binding: Arial 12 point font (typeface) 1” top, bottom, left, right Bottom left Single‐space within a citation, double‐space between citations. Standard (Do not include a running heading or header.) 1. Title 2. Name 3. Course 4. Semester, Year Parts of the report document 1. Title Page 2. Annotated Bibliography (List entries in alphabetical order by last name of first author.) 3. Copy of search history. Staple top left corner Grading Rubric:  Adherence to format guidelines = 5 points  Adherence to APA Style guideline = 10 points  Overall quality of the content = 90 points (each annotation is worth 6 points) GMU / GCH 300 / Robert Weiler
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