Part 1: Week 4 IP

Assume that you are a local investigator assigned to a federal cyber task force. Prepare a detailed presentation for your Chief on a fictional cyber investigation on which you are working. 2,000 word paper on Organized Crime. 

  • Organized crime
  • Provide a synopsis of the fraud, intrusion, espionage, attack, or other cyber-related criminal activity.
  • Describe the nature and composition of the group or individuals suspected of perpetrating the crime.
  • List the relevant federal or local statutes and penalties that govern the cyber aspect of the crime.
  • Articulate the logical steps an investigator would take to prove the allegation.
  • Detail the potential damage that could occur if the cyber crime is left unchecked
  • Provide recommendations for addressing the crime problem and apprehending the subjects.
  • Provide an analysis of any transnational or organized crime implications of your cyber crime problem.
  • Provide recommendations for improving the investigation of cyber crime in your area.