Review this infographic from Turnitin called “The Plagiarism Spectrum: Tagging 10 Types of Unoriginal Work.”

Think for a moment about where you have seen these kinds of plagiarism in action in real life. Think about the workplace, the news, music and the arts, and so on. Describe this case of plagiarism in detail (including links to any relevant Internet sources you used), which type of plagiarism you think it is, and why.

In your response posts, explain how APA Style could have prevented this problem, as it was described in the initial post. How could the plagiarizer have used proper citations or other means to avoid plagiarizing?  should be between 250-300 words.

Read the article “Androgynous Man” in Chapter 9 of your textbook (page 243-244 in the second edition). What sticks out to you about this article? What do you notice initially? Consider elements of writing such as tone, diction (word choice), structure, organization, and so forth. Look at the author’s writing style. Then, consider his use of outside sources to support his claims. Where do you see this? Are these sources authoritative, in your estimation? Remember that you are not reflecting on whether you agree with the article’s ideas. should be between 250-300 words.

book pages attached