Pretend you own a company that sells items over the Internet. You decide that shipping costs will be based on the total weight of a customer’s purchase. Write a piecewise function for your shipping charges. Include from three to five weight intervals.

Post your store name, briefly describe the types of items you sell (for example, pet toys), and give a description of your shipping-charge function (clearly state the rules, and the domain intervals to which they apply). Answer the following:

A. Is your shipping-charge function a step function? If yes, look on the discussion board for a student who did not write a step function.If everyone wrote a step function, discuss how shipping charges could be determined by using a piecewise function that is not a step function. Describe pros and cons of using each type of function to determine shipping costs.

B. Find a store on the board, other than your own, and pretend you are making a purchase from their website. The package of goods they are shipping to you weighs 25 pounds. Determine the shipping charges. Confirm the charges with the store owner.

C. Which store charges the most for shipping a 25-pound package?Which store charges the least?

D. How are the domains and ranges of all the shipping-charge functions similar? How are they different?

E. Other than by total weight, how else can shipping charges be determined?