organizational leadership practicum 1

Your resume made it through the first cut and an interview has been scheduled! Your interviewer says “Tell me about yourself.” Respond with a compelling story that describes your professional background, interest in the field, and goals – this should take approximately 2 minutes during an interview. (assignment requirement 250 words). Below is all info you should need, that describes my professional background, interest in the field, and goals.

Virtual Customers Service Representative Resume


I am a graduate of —— University, located in ———-. I hold a Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership and Healthcare Management. The main competencies are inventory management, good negotiation skills, purchasing management skills, and good public relations skills (Blackett, 2015). In business, my primary competencies are problem-solving, good decision making, advisory skills, negotiation skills, and good communication skills. I am looking for a virtual customer service representative position in your organization to make use of my business career and help your firm in achieving strategic goals.


——– College

Associates in Massage and Physical Therapy. Majors in market research, customer service, negotiation skills, business management, and medical terminology.

—— University

Bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership and Healthcare Management. Majors in market research, customer service, negotiation skills, purchase management techniques.

Educational Accomplishments

I have helped in researching the market gaps for our group dealing with the difference in male and female therapist.

As a student President of the Massage Clinic, I was able to resolve conflicts among the students by ensuring their problems are listened to and resolved.

Having a tight schedule made me come with a strategy of setting up an office at home, and this helped me in resolving problems at home without necessarily going to the school office.

During school holidays, I worked with other student leaders in collecting information about what people think about our program, school and the clinic and look at some suggestions to changes that could be made.

Work Experience

——- Massage Clinic (2006-2017)


Making market research and analyzing the gaps

Talking directly to the customers to find out their needs

Receiving phone calls concerning organizations products and services

Ensuring customer satisfaction


I came up with a suggestion whereby the customers gave their views about the service’s received, products used, etc. As a result, there were improved up sales by 20% due to good remarks given by the customers. That change was experienced in the first three months.

For the customers who complained about the products, I came up with a policy of compensation and making a follow up if the customer is satisfied. Frequent phone calls were made to the client to confirm (Blackett, 2015). Due to this, the organization was able to retain its customers.

Volunteer Experience

During the week prior to local high schools returning to class, I volunteered as a cultural ambassador, and due to this, there was increased participation and interest.

I volunteered to connect our class group to the local hospital employee’s and by offering free products and service, we were able to get some great reviews. This made work more comfortable for them to complete the group discussion assignment.