ob problem analysis and solution

Below are the main areas of OB covered in the text and in class. Once you have submitted and

properly articulated your problem statement. You will be asked to do the following:

1. Choose three areas (from below) that you think were/are most likely the cause (and

therefore likely the solution) to your stated problem.

2. Rank your three chosen areas in order of impact and/or influence on the problem.

3. Author a 2-3 paragraph (5-7 sentences per paragraph) proposed solution for each of the

three chosen topics using the subsections below. (All sections required for each of the

three solutions)

a. Make sure to define the specific theory, model, or concept you are using to solve

the problem. (i.e., not simply motivation, but expectancy or equity theory)

b. Make sure to define the level (of analysis) of the problem/solution as per the

nested system diagram below.

c. Link the theories and levels you have chosen to your stated problem.

i. Make sure to speak directly and specifically to your problem.

ii. Avoid vague and generalized language that does not offer specific insight

and solution to your problem.

iii. Make sure your response can be understood by others in your industry

and organization.

iv. Specificity and detail are key to effective solutions and high marks!


• Personality

• Perception

• Attitudes/Job Satisfaction

• Motivation

• Team/Group Dynamics

• Decision Making

• Communication

• Power

• Leadership

• Structure Culture