mgmt assignment w5

Learning Outcome: Create and recommend a change management process that engages and motivates employees and fosters creativity and innovation

Each student reads, researches and analyzes the case below using the principles and concepts studied in this course.

MGMT653 case 13-147 Sink or SWIM

Finding a way to meet management challenges by presenting a variety of solutions allows for the opportunity to not only effectively use one of these solutions, but a chance to find a unique approach. For this assignment, students will develop a detailed recommendation or recommendations to the case provided. A rough draft of the student’s work (this initial rough-draft post does not need to be formatted as an APA document. However, the final paper due by Day 7 should be formatted as an APA-formatted paper) should be posted to the Discussion Board by Day 3. Between Day 3 and Day 7, students are encouraged to provide feedback to their peers’ rough draft posts. Each student’s final recommendation(s) to the case will be submitted in an APA-formatted paper to the instructor by Day 7. Peer feedback may or may not be included in the final paper. The final recommendation is the work and approach of each individual student; regardless of the feedback received from peers. Students may find that the peer feedback is valuable and may include it; or they may not. It’s up to each student.

Each student should read, research and analyze the attached case using the principles and concepts studied in this course. To assist you in this quest, please make sure you use the AMA 8-Step Case Study Guide as it will show you what to look for when analyzing the case.

Use the8 step guideto prepare your Discussion Board rough draft and final paper. Each of the steps should be used as a header – and don’t forget a conclusion.

Each student’s rough draft should be posted to the main Discussion Board by Day 3 and the final paper/recommendations should be submitted to the assignment submission folder by Day 7.

Peer engagement points this week will be earned through each student responding or reacting to at least two peers’ rough drafts. Each student may (or may not) wish to incorporate their peers’ feedback into their own final paper. All peer engagement posts should be completed by Day 7.