management questions 12

1 – You are the newly promoted manager of a branch bank, you will be leading a team of 22 people. Most members have worked together for a number of years.

How can you discover the informal structure or “shadow organization of the brand and your team?

Once you understand them, how will you try to use informal structures to advantage while establishing yourself as an effective manager in this situation?

2 – The promotion to team manager puts you right where you want to be in terms of career advancement. Even though you’ve had to move to a new location, it’s a great opportunity….If you can do well as team leader. That’s the problem. Now that you are in the job, you realize that the culture of the team is really bad. Some of the ways you’ve heard members describe it to one another are “toxic”, “dog-eat-dog”, “watch your back”, and “keep your head down”.

Realizing that culture change takes time but that’s it’s also necessary in this situation, what can you do right away as the new team leader to set this team on course for a positive change to its culture?

3 – A co-worker comes to you with a problem. He has tattoo “sleeves”on both arms that extends to his wrists. Even in a long-sleeved shirt, they are difficult to cover. He’s upset because he learned that someone got the promotion he had been hoping for. Everyone respects his high performance, diligence, and loyalty to the company. But it’s also common knowledge that the boss “doesn’t like tattoos”.

What advice can you give to your colleague about handling the current situation regarding his lost promotion? What advice, if any, can you offer about having both a career and tattoos?


– No citation needed for any of the 3 questions.

– 1 or 2 paragraph is enough

– complete answers