it is a 6 7 page paper on religion in civil america some topic examples are listed apa format

1.Paper must be 5-7 pages in length (double spaced, 1 inch margins, 10 or 12 point type).No triple or quadruple spacing between paragraphs.No starting your paper half way down the first page.No double spacing your name/course info at the top of the page.Papers of less than 5 complete pages will not be accepted. That’s ALL the way down to the bottom of the 5th page.Remember this is the minimum.If you’re hoping to achieve a good grade you’ll probably want to have your paper in the 6-7 page range.(If you cannot do 5 pages something is wrong either with your topic or your research.Come and talk to me and I can help you get on the right track.)There is no need for a cover page but if you do one it does not count as part of your five page minimum.

2.In your research you should consult a minimum of 5 sources (not including course textbooks).All sources must be

listed on a separate bibliography page and attached to the back of your paper.Although required, the bibliography page does NOT count as one of your five minimum pages. You can use whatever style you would like for your bibliography, but you need to include author, title, date and publishing company). Also, your paper must include specific footnotes, endnotes or parentheses (your choice) which give the author, title, page number, etc. for any information you are using from a source.You are allowed to use some internet sources for your paper however you should use QUALITY resources and part of my consideration in your grade will be how well you chose those resources.At this point there are still not enough quality, academic materials on the net for you paper to have ALL internet sources.For internet materials you will need to give author (if known), page title and location so that I can go directly to the page if necessary.

3.A brief paragraph describing your topic is due on Tuesday, October 1 at 11:20 AM.This does not have to be detailed and the paragraph will not be graded.However, students failing to turn in the topic/paragraph will have their paper grade automatically reduced by one full letter grade.Submit the topic using the “Paper Topic Submission” link in the “Course Content” area on Blackboard.Do not upload a file for your topic. Just click “Paper Topic Submission” then click “Write Submission” and type or paste your topic into the box provided. The topic should be 1 to 3 sentences. No more than a paragraph.

4.Submit your finished paper by clicking the link, “Paper Submission” in the “Course Content” area on Blackboard.The completed paper must be written and submitted using one of the following common word processing formats:.docx (Microsoft Word), .doc (old Microsoft Word), .odt (Libre Office or Open Office), or .rtf (Rich Text File).Do not try to submit it as a link to a Google Docs file.Your instructor does not use Google Docs.Also do NOT submit your paper as a .pdf file or using an exclusively Macintosh word processing format.

5.You must also bring a printed copy of your paper to class on the day it is due.This will serve to make sure that your paper has met the minimum length requirement.It will also guard against any technical problems with the electronic paper submission.

6.Please note:The Paper is due on Tuesday, November 26 at 11:20 AM.

7. All students must read and sign the statement on plagiarism included with this paper guide and attach it to the back of

the printed copy of the paper before turning it in.If the plagiarism statement is not attached your paper will

NOT be accepted.

8. Your paper must involve research and analysis of a SPECIFIC TOPIC that deals with some aspect of religion as it

specifically relates to American society/culture.For example:”What Muslims Believe” is not a specific topic and it is not specifically about religion in America.Instead, “An Analysis of the Variety of American Muslim

Responses to September 11″ would be a specific topic about Islam in America.

9.Grades will be primarily based upon your ANALYSIS of the material.

Example Topics (Note–These are just a few sample topics.Some would need to be narrowed down more):

Attitudes of American Jews toward the State of Israel and/or the Palestinian Issue

Eclectic Religion in America (The practice of Americans picking and choosing individual beliefs rather than just following

one religious tradition)

Evangelical Participation in American Politics

The Religious Left:Liberal Christianity and American Politics (Try focusing on a specific political issue)

Roman Catholics and the Current Crisis with the Priesthood

“One Nation Under which God?“Civil Religion in America

Examine How a Particular Religious or Ethnic/Religious group is adapting to American Culture (Examples-

Orthodox Judaism, Orthodox Christianity, Sunni Islam, Hispanic Christianity, Japanese

Buddhism, etc. )For this option choose a specific issue.Examples:

How Hindu Temples Have Been Adapted to the Needs of contemporary American Hindus

The Status of Women

Dating (For example:How are U.S. Muslims adapting to the American practice of dating)

Interaction Between the Varieties of Orthodox Christianity which Co-Exist in America

The Challenge of Interfaith Marriages in American Judaism

The Growth of Pentecostal/Charismatic Christianity in America