Google has been on Fortune’s list of the 100 Best Places to Work 10 times and selected as the #1 best place to work for seven straight years. So, why Google when hundreds of companies are nominated? Read the following articles about Google, watch the following videos about working at Google, and review the videos about Google in Week 7 (scroll down to link) to find out.

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Google India

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Internships at Google

Link (Links to an external site.)Week 7 videos: Recruiting, Onboarding/Employee Orientation), and Training

Assignment Instructions:

  • After reading the articles above:
    • Select three articles
    • Write a 2-page paper summarizing the information in the articles
      • NOTE:Write the summary as if you were writing about one topic – Google. Do notwrite three summaries (one summary for each article).
      • NOTE:You do not need to include a Works Cited page, but must use in-paper citations (Fortune, p30).
    • Submit your summary