image interpretation essay

I need an image interoperation essay about SYMPATHY BY REMEDIOS VARO.

Sympathy by Remedios Varo (1865-1911, Spain) | Museum Quality ...


1.Be approximately 2-4 pages in length.

2.Be written in third person objective.

3.Be properly formatted, cited, and documented using MLA conventions. This includes in-text citations!

4.Include a works cited page

5.All grammar and spelling errors should be fixed by your final draft.

6.Have a clear thesis and strong supporting evidence.

7.Use a minimum of 2 sources. Sources may be in print or come from the MDC databases. You can use Google, but make sure the source is reliable! You can also ask me for help with sources, so long as you give me the proper amount of time to help you. Sometimes I have access to sources as a faculty member of FIU and MDC that you may not have access to. JSTOR is an excellent source that you DO have access to. Use it!

8.Any claim you make should be supported either with evidence from the image and/or backed up by a secondary source.
9.The body of your paper must follow the order of your thesis statement.

10.Your paper must look at not only WHAT the artist is saying, but HOW the artist is saying it. This will be the focus of your thesis statement. This paper must discuss the figurative meaning of the image, as well as the technical aspects that add to the figurative meaning. For example, is it the colors of the painting that adds to the meaning?

11.Your conclusion should restate your strongest points, and the significance they add to your paper. We will be going over formatting in class, but if you’re concerned about manuscript formatting and documentation, you can consult the Purdue OWL website which will provide you with a comprehensive catalogue of MLA citations. There are also resources on the MDC library page for learning more about MLA.