•   Dear Henry , thank you for your previous plan . Here you go my professor comments on the plan you did  . Please Please follow his instructions word to word I really want to score high marks.

“My general comments:

(1) There is a clear argument – that’s good as it helps your essay with focus.

(2) You do need to discuss the counter-argument: that the Thatcher govt was at least partially responsible. How serious were the UN talks on sovereignty? You will need to mention Leaseback as well as the mixed messages that the UK govt was sending over the fate of the Islands in the early 1980s.

(3) Were there other responsible parties that contributed (mention

 the US)?

(4) Sources – some useful ones here but some primary sources would be useful. I would suggest looking at Lawrence Freedman’s Official History Volume 1, The Franks Report and the documents on the Falklands War contained in the Margaret Thatcher foundation at Churchill College:​ ( if you could not access to this source let me know henry , because its important)

Overall, a promising start.”

  •  How to organize the essay :

Introduction: Address the question – don’t waffle. Explain the structure of the essay – how you are going to answer the question and what your position will be.

Description:The bulk of your essay – largely narrative with references to back up the facts. have some analysis.

Analysis: Where you are likely to pick up most of the marks. We are more interested in the way you use the description to back up your argument.

Conclusion.:A clear summary of your arguments and a restating of your case.

  •   It’s a 4000 thousand only only , with minimum 25-30 references .
  • ·  0% Plagiarism
  • ·  Harvard refrencing style . please when you write the in text citation do it as ( the author ,year :page number ).
  • ·  Alphabet list of reference.
  • ·  Don’t forget my Position is very important what do you I think if Thacter Government was responsible or not and why ?with supported arguments from academics .
  • ·  Any clarification please ask me before you start.