hist301 the peloponnesian war

Choose one of the following questions and respond. (275 words)

  1. What led to the increasing tensions between Athens and Sparta? Why were they unable to avoid all out conflict? Do you think there was any way that all out war could have been prevented?
  2. What was Pericles’ strategy for Athenian victory in the war? Why do you think his successors were unable to bring Athens to victory?
  3. What does the Mytilenian Debate and the Melian Dialogue reveal about Athens during the war? Is Athens truly becoming less Greek? If so, in what ways? If not, how are their actions here a reflection of a Greek mindset?
  4. How might Socrates’ questioning of his fellow citizens be an effort to return a sense of arete to his polis. Why might the post-war Athenians have seen Socrates as a threat? Was he?