Your 2nd Homework assignment will be a bit more involved than the 1st one, especially due to me having to cancel class on Wednesday, June 8. It will still be a “Free Write,” only the “free” part has a few more restrictions than Homework #1 did. This time, the content for the assignment will be the Colonization of the Americas by Europeans that we will talk some about in Monday’s class (6/8). In particular, the following materials can be incorporated into this Homework assignment:

  1. Lecture in Monday’s class
  2. Textbook pages: chapter 16, p. 278-284 
  3. Class Activity from Monday’s class
  4. Videos:very important yo used it 
    • Crash Course on the Spanish Empire: 
    • Crash Course on the Protestant Reformation
    • Crash Course on Charles V
    • Crash Course on the Little Ice Age

What I want you to talk about in your Free Write is the MOTIVES of Europeans in colonizing the Americas. What role did economics/wealth play in the Colonization of the Americas? What role did religion, namely Christianity, play? What role did events in Europe like the Protestant Reformation and the Renaissance play? Address at least TWO of the preceding questions. Also briefly touch on the reactions of the Native Americans to colonization — were they able to resist? Why or why not? How did colonization affect them?

This may be a bit longer of a “free write,” but try to keep it to 180-200 words. Again, don’t concern yourself too much with the structure so much as making sure it is coherent and understandable. In-text parenthetical citations are fine for sources that I have given you — i.e. (Stearns, 280) or (de las Casas) — but please give a full bibliographic citation if you use an outside source. NOTE that you DO NOT have to use an outside source but feel free to if you want.

HW for Week 3 (and Homework assignment #2):

  1. Crash Course World History, ep. 2.06: Climate Change, Chaos, and The Little Ice Age
  2. Crash Course World History, ep. 2.18: Luther and the Protestant Reformation
  3. Crash Course World History, ep. 2.19: Charles V and the Holy Roman Empire

Plus the following video if NOT played in class on Monday, June 6:

  1. Crash Course World History, episode 1.25: The Spanish Empire, Silver, & Runaway Inflation