finish simple cover letter

Finish simple cover letter. I have it started and will paste it below. Please add to it and make it sound more professional. Also make it known that I was sales team lead/customer service lead for sports authority on the customer service aspect. The job is for a management position at a gym.

Good evening!

Yes, I would love to elaborate on why I believe I am a good fit for your company. Thank you for the opportunity to do so. I like to focus on each aspect of your company that I believe I have extensive knowledge and experience in.

Fitness: With a background as a personal trainer, firefighter, and airborne infantry team leader, fitness has been an enormous part of my life both professionally and leisurely. With being a personal trainer I am well versed on creating specific fitness programs for clients. Whether it be for weight loss, overall health, or gaining muscle and cardiac output I have had to do it all with people from all walks of life. Being a firefighter and a team leader in the Army I also had to look into my teams spiritual health, mental health, and financial health which can all have impacts physically thus leaving a gap in performance when a life is on the line.

Management: Over the past 3 years I acquired my BA in Business Administration and all while being active duty full time and deploying. I did this through time management and prioritizing workloads which is crucial for any manager to excel at. Being a team leader I had to manage a team of 5+ personnel not only at work but also in their daily lives which also requires compassion and understanding to handle certain situation which any manager should have. I have been held accountable for the lives of my men and over $2,000,000 worth of federal equipment. High stress environments and having to achieve all missions given to me have created a can-do mindset that cant be broken and I love sharing that mindset with others and helping them grow.

Customer Service: