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Criminal Justice Current Event – Discussion Board Forum Upload Assignment 2

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Criminal Justice Current Event – Discussion Board Forum Assignment 2

Student Posting Instructions

During the semester, students are required to make two posts about a criminal justice current event news article, and a response for each “thoughtful question,” and a reply to another student’s “thoughtful question” (one for each of two article posts.) Here are the instructions:

Part 1: There are numerous news articles every day that discuss crime, law, criminal trials and many other aspects of the criminal justice system. These current events will incorporate many of the concepts we will learn in class. This Discussion Board Forum entails making a post with any interesting criminal justice current event from a news story that you come across this semester. For your initial post about the news article, you must include:

The name of the news article and the date it was posted (note that the news story must be fairly recent and reported by a reliable news source; it cannot be about your own personal experience…sorry!)

1) A link to the news article

2) In your own words, a 1-paragraph summary (200 words minimum) with details about the criminal justice news item

3) Your thoughts about how it relates to this class, using appropriate legal and criminal justice terminology

4) A picture from the article or, if there is no picture from the article, search the Web for an appropriate picture to post with your review.

Try to give your post a catchy title to make other students want to read it. Note that you cannot make a post about the same article that someone has already posted, but you may make a post about the same news event from a different or more recent source.

Part 2: To receive full credit, you must make at least 1 reply to someone else’s post with a “thoughtful question.” By this I mean that your question must be well thought out and show a depth of knowledge and understanding beyond an obvious question. Thoughtful questions are clear, relevant, specific, and require an open-ended response. Points will be deducted if your “thoughtful question” seems shallow or poorly thought-out, is a simple “yes-no” question, or is not a question at all. Note that you cannot post a “thoughtful question” to your own news article.

Part 3: Lastly, you must reply to another student’s “thoughtful question” with an answer. If someone in class posts a “thoughtful question” about your post, you owe that person an answer. If nobody posts a “thoughtful question” about your news article, you may also fulfill this requirement by answering any other student’s “thoughtful question” that was posted to another student’s post about their news article.