final briefing paper

For this assignment you will write a policy briefing paper that is a based on your research over the past 7 modules/weeks. The goal is to prepare a final report for a “client” or “principle” of 10–15 double-spaced pages exclusive of an abstract, references, and appendices.Your paper must include a clear statement of the main issue, any background information needed to explain to the reader the extent of the issue, a detailed summary and analysis of past, current, and future policy addressing the issue, and a recommendation as to what course of action will best address the issue. Incorporate at least 10 scholarly sources in current Turabian format.

TOPIC: Cybersecurity Policies in the United States. So essentially you will make a clear statement of the issue of Cyber Security and background information. Next you will provide a detailed summary of past cyber security policies (Obama Administration), current cyber security policies (Trump Administration) and possible a future policy addressing the issue.