Reference this website  for the electronic healthcare resources to complete assignment:   http://bluebuttonconnector.healthit.gov/apps/  and and other resources if necessary to meet the required resources.

Research two to three electronic healthcare resources; these could be websites, mobile applications, or multimedia resources used by healthcare consumers for their medical needs.Make sure you’ve looked at the Apps activity this week prior to working on this assignment. The assignment is looking for you to discuss specific resources, not just websites or apps in general.

Create a 4-6 slide PowerPoint with speaker’s notes discussing the following based on your research:

  • Describe the websites, applications, or multimedia resources.
  • How do healthcare providers use these resources to enhance their products and services?
  • What are the implications of using these resources in the healthcare industry? What are the implications for the consumer?

Cite at least 2 sources to support your content and provide an APA formatted reference slide. For additional information on how to properly cite your sources check out theReference and Citation Generator resource in the Center for Writing Excellence.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


The Apps activity is absolutely required to succeed with this paper. Make sure you’ve participated in that discussion, as well as read all the required chapters so you understand what is needed for this presentation from a content perspective.

Please ensure you have reviewed the feedback that I provided on your week 2 EHR memo assignment prior to finalizing your work on this assignment.  I will submit feedback from EHR Workflow when she submits to me for review prior to your finalization. 

Title and reference slide do not count toward minimum of 4-6.

You must have fully composed and referenced speaker’s notes in paragraph format for ALL slides except title and reference. Minimize text on-slide, using only bullet points and graphics for the slide and placing all the details and analysis in the speaker’s notes.

80% of your grade is meeting content, 20% is mechanics/APA/grammar/design

I will send any update info from teacher if she submits anything else. 

Thanks have a good evening.