education law 10

1.Late last week, Congress passed, and the President signed, a massive stimulus bill relating to COVID-19. A portion of that bill is specifically related to financial relief (in various forms) for higher education institutions.

Attached are some preliminary articles and resources (both pre- and post-passage) that discuss some of the ways the new stimulus bill is directed at higher education institutions. There will be three discussion board posts this week as follows:

Write a 2 page summary of the new stimulus bill as it relates to higher education institutions — what is included, not included, what were higher Ed institutions hoping would be included that was not.

Identify at least 2 other articles published in the week since the passage of the stimulus bill relating specifically to the new law’s impact on higher education institutions. Please provide links to these articles so that your classmates can read the articles you find.

Identify 3-5 questions you have relating to any new financial rules and regulations pertinent to higher education institutions that arise from the new stimulus law.

Digesting this breaking development in higher education financial rules and regulations in the unprecedented stimulus bill.


Principles of Higher Education in COVID-19 Response:

What is in the massive government stimulus bill re: higher education financial assistance?

Read each of the following:

NYT article re: recent legislation (linked here) Colleges Get Billions in Coronavirus Relief _NYT_.pdf


AAUP. Recommended institutional regulations on academic freedom and tenure.

Read Sections 4c and 4d and the Executive Summary linked above relating to faculty involvement in program discontinuation and financial exigency. Do you agree with the Faculty role the AAUP believes Faculty should have in these decisions?

Note: These AAUP guidelines are not binding unless made part of a contract (possibly a faculty handbook) or otherwise codified in a statute applicable to public schools. The guidelines could also be binding in other situations.


After reviewing the New York State program registration page linked above and reading some of its links/requirements, what do you think of this registration process? Is it sufficient? What is missing in your opinion?

Case Study, New York State Department of Education (Read requirement 1 through 19)