economic homework 4

– Position paper:

Question :

In his article Plenty More Fish in the Sea, Pooley describes the problem with sustainable fish markets. Relate the model of sustainability discussed in Zencey’s Theses on Sustainability to apply to the modern fishing industry.


1- First, you should explain the question and your understanding of the question.

2- Second, what do feel and think about this question.

3-Third, you should agree or disagree, and add your opinion and the evidence and discussed. This position paper based on your opinion to the end.

4- You should use these 3 articles + chapter 8 and you can add more academic articles if you want but you have to make sure to use these 3 articles + chapter 8 .


First Article:…

2nd Article:…

3rd Article:…

5-You should cover all the question.

6-Academic writing(professional).

7-Be careful with plagiarism and cheating from other paper or internet .