discussion question for chapter 7

7-7 What are some of the issues to consider in determining whether the Internet would provide your business with a competitive advantage?

NB: You are expected to make a minimum of two postings, your answer to the question ( a minimum of 100 words) and a comment to a fellow student’s answer (a minimum of 50 words).

Here is the guideline posted earlier:

Discussion Posting Guidelines:

1. Each student is required to post a minimum of 2 postings.

1.1 An answer to the question, a minimum of 100 words (this part is due by Thursday 11:59 pm. of the week.)

1.2 A comment on a fellow student’s answer, a minimum of 50 words (this part is due by Sunday 11:59 pm of the week.). (Phrases like “great post”, “I agree” are not accepted forms of comments to a fellow student’s answer).

2. You must use your own words in answering the question(s).

3. Make references to sources that you use in answering discussion question(s).

NB: You would need to read chapter 7 of the textbook or any other relevant reference to answer the question.