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The class starts with a close analysis of El Plan de Santa Barbara and readings that provide context for its formation. El Plan de Santa Barbara is a political manifesto and curricular proposal for implementing Chicano Studies programs at universities, colleges, and schools. It was written in 1969 and is an outcome of the Chicano Student Movement that Ian Haney Lopez describes in his book, Racism on Trial.

We read El Plan de Santa Barbara first for two reasons. First, to provide students with the primary source document that founded the field of Chicano Studies. Secondly, to engage in a close reading of one of the earliest efforts to signify the work “Chicano” in a constructionist method.

El Plan de Santa Barbara states that “Culturally, the word Chicano, in the past a pejorative and class-bound adjective, has now become theroot ideaof a new cultural identity for our people.”

For this discussion post, share what your ideas are as to what it means for “Chicano” to be a root idea. How does Chicano as a “root idea” differ from your understandings of the word “Chicano” prior to attending the school and enrolling in this class. By reading El Plan de Santa Barbara closely, what would you say is the unique productive quality that informs this “root idea”? Use the week 1 readings to support your discussion.