discussion 2718

1. Evidence is a key component in identifying trends and changing practice especially in the public health field. Choose a public health topic that you are especially passionate about. (e.g. water and sanitation, vaccinations, infectious disease, etc.) Discuss how studies/research support your views (for or against).

2. Choose a recent international or humanitarian disaster.What public health issues were associated with this incident? How would you manage these issues?

This week we are discussing evidence and how this evidence specifically relates to public health issues. Public health is simply the health of a population rather than the health of an individual. We are going to be applying evidence and studies to public health issues related to international or humanitarian disasters. As your develop your DB posts frame your responses as an emergency manager and how you would manage the scenario proposed in this week’s questions.

MUST be substantive and add to the discussion and MUST include properly formatted sources and in text citations.