Journal 1 – Biases

For this Journal, we will focus on how people are connected to their cultural backgrounds/experiences and how this connection affects the way people view others outside of their culture. A good way to view this assignment is to write like you were making an entry into a personal journal or diary.  Make sure to provide detailed answers with examples in essay format. 

Format guidelines:

  • 1 FULL page (minimum)

  • 12 pt font, double spaced, 1 inch margins all around

  • Type, add as an attachment, then submit/save.

  • Number your answers to match up with the questions.

  • ONLY journals submitted through this Dropbox below will BE COUNTED!

Start by viewing the following videos – click on the names below. Please note that these videos cover adult topics and should not be played around children!

Now, please honestly and thoroughly answer ALL of the following questions:

  1. Which panelists display strong ethnocentrism (select at least two)? Give specific examples of how they communicate ethnocentrism to the other panelists and contestants? How do their views affect their decision making concerning the contestants?
  2. How does ethnocentrism lead to discrimination and racism? Give a specific example of when you have witnessed this occur in real life.
  3. Choose one of the contestants and describe how they communicate their Cultural, Social, and Personal Identities (give separate descriptions for each identity).
  4. How did you personally react to the panelists’ statements and decisions? Who would you vote for to win and describe how your cultural background affects this decision?