consumer diary essay of things we purchased for 4 weeks 1

The objectives of the diary are for you to keep track of your consumer behavior and to create awareness of your own consumer behavior. Each of you as a student will keep a personal Consumer Diary of everything you buy (products and services) for four weeks. This diary can contain notes, pictures, objects, etc. You will have to submit the diary (10 pages MS Word File, Times New Roman, 12-point font size, double or single spaced, standard 1″ margin all around, APA style citation)

Your Consumer Diary should answer all of the following questions:

    • What products OR services OR brands did you purchase, acquire, use or dispose of? (note: You actually do not need to have purchased the products. Consumer behavior involves products/services/brands that are acquired through other means aside from purchase (e.g. gifted, trial, rent etc.). Do not limit your documentation to only things you buy. Consumer behavior encompasses more than purchasing products/services.
    • What was your motivation to buy/use/dispose of the product or service?
    • Was it a first-time decision, a careful decision, or a casual decision?
    • What triggered the decision-making and buying/using/disposing process?
    • Where did you buy/use/dispose of it and why?
    • How would you describe the buying/consumption/disposition experience?
    • Were you satisfied or dissatisfied with the product or service? To what extent? Why?
    • How were your expectations formed?

    Start with some initial thoughts about your consumer behavior and finish with some final reflections.

    • What did you learn about yourself/your behavior? Were there any surprises?
    • What are relevant concepts and consumer behavior theories (from the book chapters and journal articles) that provide theoretical rationales for your choice behavior and decision-making process?
    • What are at least 10 relevant concepts and consumer behavior theories (from the book chapters and journal articles) that account for your satisfaction/dissatisfaction with your acquisition/purchase/consumption/disposition? Do not just list these concepts but present a meaningful integration of the concepts.
    • What brand strategies, TV commercials, social media ads or any other advertising are you aware of with regard to the products/services/brands/ideas you purchased, acquired, consumed or disposed of?