conflict management presentation

Setting: Clinic

Ann Tayner is assigned to work in a busy Internal Medicine Clinic. She recently attended an educational session on infection control techniques and the importance of hand washing. Shenoticed that the clinic physician; Dr. Tsu, went from patient to patient without washing his hands. Later that morning, she encounters Dr. Tsu in the corridor and addresses him saying that she attended the hand-washing seminar and noticed he did not always follow procedure. Dr. Tsu appears surprised by the comment but sheepishly agrees that hand washing is very important, and he will be more careful.

****Use the above scenario for this paper. Rubric for the paper is below follow it strickly.

References should not be more than more than 2018

No plagiarism Please

Uses past knowledge to successfully resolve a conflict, collect facts and data, determine available options, pick a solution and implement, and modify or change if required.

Uses past knowledge, collects facts and data, no available options identified, solution not determined

No past knowledge used, no facts or data collected, no available options identified, no solution and no modification or changes.

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Uses therapeutic communication techniques, active listening, open ended questions, reflecting, summarizing etc.

Uses some therapeutic techniques, unaware of non verbal communication techniques. Makes accusations

Does not use any therapeutic communication skills, does not allow other party to present their argument, use of defensive body language, nonverbal cues that are threatening.

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Review the agreements made for the project by all parties. Review the roles of each team member and responsibilities of each member. Review discussions for potential issues and agreements made

Reviews the roles but not responsibilities. Due dates not clearly established. Team members unclear of their participation in the project.

Argumentative with responsible party, no discussion was established prior to start of the project of each member’s role and responsibility and need for assistance in light of potential issues.

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Total for project

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