complete the attached paper

Identify the appropriate verb for in each of the following sentences.

1. deserve

2. The dog, followed by his owner, (races/race) wildly down the street every afternoon.

3. Just when I think I can go home, another pile of invoices ( appears/ appear )on my desk.

4. The pattern of secrecy and lies( needs/need) to stop in order for counseling to be successful.

5. A substance abuser often (hides/hide) the truth to cover up his or her addiction.

6. The police chief, in addition to several soldiers and two civilians, (was/were )injured in the explosion.

7. Garlic’s therapeutic value as well as its flavor (comes/come) from sulfur compounds.

8. The fiber content of cereal (contributes/contribute) to it nutritional value.

9.The graphics on this computer game often (causes/cause) my system to crash.

10. Current research on AIDS, in spite of the best efforts of hundreds of scientist, (leaves/leave) serious questions unanswered.


Identify the appropriate pronoun for the pair in the parentheses in each of the following sentences.

1. Max has had more car accidents than Gabriella, but he still insist he is a better driver than ( she/her).

2. Swimming with Hank and (they/them) reminded me of summers at the lake.

3. The coach gave honorable-mention ribbons to the two who didn’t win any races-Aiden and (I/me).

4. There seemed to be no reason for (them/their) voluntarily studying on a Saturday night.

5. Tomorrow (we/us) recruits will have our first on-the-job test.


Revise each of the following sentences to use modifiers correctly, clearly, and effectively. Many of the sentences can be revised in more than one way

1. Alicia speaks both Russian and German, but she speaks Russian best.

2. The summers are more rainier in New York than they are in Seattle.

3. He glanced at the menu and ordered the expensivest wine on the list.

4. Most of the elderly are women because women tend to live longer.

5. Minneapolis is the largest of the Twin Cities.

6. She came up with the most silliest plan of revenge.

7. Our theater company has produced several of the famousest classical Greek plays.

8. The student cafeteria is operated by a college food service system chain.

9. It is safer to jog in daylight.

10. Evan argued that subtitled films are boringer to watch than films dubbed in English.