cis675 agile project management case study 1 pearson successmaker

Read case study Pearson Successmaker then answer below questions within 3-4 pages.


1. How do product and software development methodologies influence a firm’s

ability to respond to market demands?

2. Transition from waterfall to agile

a. What benefits did Pearson realize in making the shift to agile?

b. What downsides might be associated with this shift?

c. What firm or market circumstances are more likely to benefit from a

waterfall or agile methodology?

3. Should Adams-Woodford focus on the SuccessMaker product, or become

involved in a company-wide agile initiative? Why?

4. Within the SuccessMaker team, should Adams-Woodford agree to follow the

recommendations from his developers to move from scrum to Kanban? Why, or

why not?