case study to come out with care plan and write on template

Hello. This is a nursing course. I need a detail care plan write up for my virtual patient as notified in the case study document. I need you to be creative in doing your assessment. My professor will not mind you creating assessment information to use in the care plan as long as the information makes sense and is chronological. You will have to assess the mom and the new born and write out 3 priority nursing diagnoses each for mom and baby. Making a total of 6 priority nursing diagnoses (including R/T and AEB). Now, as you feel the Care plan template, you will chose one nursing diagnosis for mom and write long term and short term goals, write 5 intervention and 5 rationales. Do the same thing for the baby. make sure you do in-text citations and references. Do well to answer every question that in the care plan. When you’re done send me back the filled template with the responses.