bond market paper

This paper is to be 2-3 pages long double spaced so it is quite the baby paper.

The assignment is:

Pick a RECENT event that has had an impact on the fixed income markets, bond market, and explain how and why it has affected the BOND MARKET. Discus this recent event that has taken place in the financial markets and what the implications are to the bond market.

Supporting references can and should accompany your discussion but it should be kept to your own words as much as possible.

Some of these events may be, but are not limited to:

  • Fed action/comments (easing, tightening, no change)
  • Release of economic data (monthly payrolls, inflation measures)
  • Corporate activity (LBO’s, Takeovers, Buybacks)
  • Legal changes (congress)

Please choose a topic other than ‘Effects of Release of Economic Data on Bond Market’