BIO1510 Arkansas Beauty School Apert Syndrome Presentation




Powerpoint on Apert Syndrome

Example Powerpoint attached•

Power Point Presentation Requirements

    • Needs to be 15 to 17 slides. That is including the title page and works cited page.
    • The theme for the PowerPoint Project is Human disorders/diseases.Your group will be assigned a topic by the instructor. Each member of your group must contribute to the presentation. It might be wise to assign your group members specific task. For example, the presentation of human disorders/disease can be broken into 1) Overview 2) Symptoms 3) Causes 4) Risk Factors 5) Complications 6) Prevention
    • You must include your sources on the slide that you use the information on and not just listed on the literature cited slide. I have posted two exemplar PowerPoints that demonstrate proper in-text citation of content as well as graphics and proper formatting for the literature cited slide.
    • Need to have no less than 3 sources scientific sources. A well-researched topic should have far more than 3 sources. Be sure that you adequately research your topic and provide citations to give credit to the resources. If you copy and paste information from a resource you are plagiarizing.
      • Wikipedia is not a legitimate resource. You may use it to find a better link, but this is notacceptable for college courses. Sources need to be credible. I would prefer books and peer reviewed articles but if you do use a web source then you need to take a look at the following website on how to tell if a web source is reliable:
      • I will fail you if you copy information from the internet and use it as your own. I am not stupid. I have taught online courses enough to realize that students try and copy and paste information. This is a college course in biology, not copying/pasting from the internet (cheating). You’ll learn a lot by having to put things in your own words.

    Things to consider when creating your power point:

    • Your first slide is your title page and should include the topic, the names of your group members, the class, and instructor name.
    • Your last slide is your literature or works cited list.This should be in proper MLA format. Use the following website to show you how to do your citations in MLA Format:
    • Use a simple design layout with simple colors. Make sure that all of the information and graphics in your presentation are visible. Your font size on each slide should never be smaller than 26.
    • Include pictures that are relevant to your topic. Make sure that images do not stand alone. Images placed into your presentation should reflect the written content. You will be docked points if you have a graphic of any kind that takes up the entire slide!!!
    • Make sure the information you are putting on each slide is relevant to your topic and in proper order. Too much information does not equal good information.