assignment for successful strategic thinking module

Critical essay of 6000 words (100%) which integrates theory and practice. The assignment must include a clear structure with an abstract, a list of references and, where appropriate, appendices and diagrams.

The assignment should contain:

A critical literature review of key theories of how strategy is

developed and implemented, and the relationship between strategy,

innovation and change

A critical analysis of selected strategic processes within your

organisation, or an organisation of your choice, related to relevant

3. An assessment of the extent to which people within the organisation are engaged with and contribute to a selected strategy
4. Recommendations about how strategic processes within the organisation could be improved.


preserve confidentiality, please anonymise the organisation or

organisations you discuss in the assignment, eg by calling them Company

X, or Governmental Organisation Y, or International Organisation Z.

Similarly, where you write about private individuals, call them manager

A, or leader B.

N.B. The word count will include quotations but exclude footnotes, list of references,

tables and graphs. Exhibits will not count against the word limit but

should not contain large amounts of text. (It will be expected that they

will normally containdiagrams or tables or visual images). Appendices

should not contain material that is essential to meeting the assignment

brief. If you exceed the wordcount by more than 10%, you will be