annotated bibliography 312

Research Question:

What are the primary ways of decreasing recidivism in the women offender population?

This research question aims at discussing various methods that can be used to curb recidivism in women offender population. It is an area of research that has a lot to gather and comprehend in a study. Some of the current programs used include prison entrepreneurship program (PEP), community bridges fact teams as well as 4 safer foundations. These programs have proved to help in solving the problem of recidivism in the society. I believe that there a better society can be created when recidivism is reduced.

After researching (based on the above research question), narrow your list of sources to seven and proceed with writing the annotated bibliography. Include a properly formatted citation. Please refer to the MLA Formatting and Style Guide for various “works cited” formatting examples. Your annotation should include the following elements:

  1. The source’s authority of the topic.
  2. A brief description/summary of the source.
  3. A short analysis of the source which may include:
    1. The possible relationship to other sources (if applicable)
    2. Any biases noted
    3. Any significant features of the source
  4. The intended audience.
  5. Your brief opinion of the source.
  6. Your search strategy

Only scholarly peer reviewed sources.