after reading chapter 6 reviewing the powerpoint slides and watching the videos discuss the following 200 worlds or more

After reading chapter 6, reviewing the PowerPoint slides, and watching the videos discuss the following:

Research and compare various write-blockers, both hardware- and software-based. What are the major advantages and disadvantages? The discussion should include topics such as price and performance.

Additional requirements:

  • Supplement the textbook information with at least one other source.
  • Do not use the following sources:
    • Wikipedia – no wiki pages at all.
    • Yahoo Answers
    • InfoPlease
    • E-How
  • Follow APA Guidelines.
  • Make sure to cite all sources appropriately. (Don’t forget to use quotation marks.)
    • If the work is plagiarized, your grade will be a 0.
    • Remember if what you write is not your words, thoughts, or ideas you must cite the source and quote appropriately.