about finance complete 10 question

There’re 10 questions totally, I’ll give you all the questions later, the following is just 2 of them to be example.

  1. Describe what are the three types of efficiency and mention why are those important to understand modern finance?
  2. Explain all the recipe you have to use in order to be able to minimize risk given a predefined expected return?Using Excel, take the information from 3 stocks at your choice. Take this information monthly for 10 years.
  3. (a) Compute the returns on every stock. In doing do, use the following formula_ri= pt,i −1 (1)


    pt−1,iWhere pt,i is the price of stock i at time t.

    1. (b) Compute the average return for every stock.
    2. (c) Compute the variance and the standard deviation for every stock.
    3. (d) Compute the covariance of all the stocks with each other.
    4. (e) Set a target expected return for your portfolio based on the averages you com- puted before and find the optimal weights in order to get that expected return by minimizing the risk.