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Your assignment is to write a critical essay of two to three pages (five or six paragraphs) on either Douglass’ Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass or Gilman’s “The Yellow Wall-Paper.” Your audience consists of intelligent peers who have read the text but need your help analyzing and interpreting it. Your purpose is to teach your readers something interesting about the author’s ideas and techniques– something they do not already know simply from reading and attending class. Remember to avoid mere plot summary, and be sure to account for the text’s complexity—try not to oversimplify the author’s ideas or rely on clichés. 


1.How does Douglass’ portrayal of the various slaveholders and overseers contribute to his argument against slavery? You could organize your discussion by grouping various characters into three or four main types (with one body paragraph on each type). Or you could focus on three or four representative characters (with a body paragraph on each character). Either way, be sure to discuss a variety of types, and be sure to explain how each is an important component of Douglass’ larger argument.  


CITATION is in ML8 format

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